ReCreation Land


Morgan, Muskingum and Noble counties
ReCreation Land is a 60,000-acre area in Southeast Ohio that offers a wide assortment recreational activities to the public, including camping, fishing, hunting, bike trails, and horseback riding. Through vigorous reclamation efforts, which include planting over 63 million trees and creating more than 350 lakes and ponds and nearly 380 campsites, AEP has turned this former mining territory into a vibrant outdoor recreation area. There is an Equine Trail area, Mountain bike trails and the Buckeye Trail within this multi-use area. Although the area is free to access, you still need a permit when visiting.    

A portion of Noble County is included in the 60,000 acre ReCreation Land that AEP has developed.  Some of the features within Noble County include a portion of Buckeye Trail, Campground K near Centennial Park, and a canine training area for hunters to utilize while training their dogs for coon and rabbit hunting.  


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