The Wilds


4000 International Rd, Cumberland  |  740.638.5030  |

Designated a “Great Ohio Adventure of Learning” by the State of Ohio Division of Travel and Tourism

Noble County has always had the landscape, but we didn’t always have the rhinos and giraffes. They are located in nearby Muskingum County. It is wonderful to be able to climb aboard a tour bus and have an up-close encounter with exotic animals right in our own backyard. A unique feature is how the animals seem to blend in with the acres and acres of rolling hills and meadows, which are now their home. 

White Rhino A.jpg

Aside from the animals, other things you will find at the Wilds include a restaurant, gift shop, zip-lines and educational displays; many special activities, overnight camps, yurts, group retreats and bird watching. No, you don’t have to travel around the world to see North America’s largest Conservation Facility, you just go to Noble County and get off I-77 at Belle Valley Exit 28 and from that point take SR340 west through Cumberland to International Road. 

Sable Antelope A.jpg